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Our company is a professional firm with experienced personnel that understand deadlines and confidentiality.  

Many so-called investigators are operating in the Caribbean but have no credentials, training or experience.  Many of our clients contact us after they have been de-frauded by local so-called investigators that simply steal the fees paid by clients to them or just provide the client with worthless information.  As we inform these victims  on a regular basis….There is nothing that can be done to recoup their losses.  We have a stateside office as well and are licensed and insured stateside to provide accountability for our clients.

We are an established company with U.S. Citizens in management positions.  Remember that if you fall into the trap using either corrupt “local” investigators or companies on the web who just produce hundreds of private investigator websites for every country in the world who are actually located in India or the middle east then expect the worse results.  These individuals will steal your fees, contact the subject of the investigation to obtain additional fees from them or just do
nothing and there is no recourse for the client…none. 

Give us the opportunity to serve you and you will not be disappointed with the results we provide in your investigative matter.  We are part of the International Investigations Group network and we are the professionals.

Caribbean Legal Investigators is an experienced private investigation and consulting firm with offices throughout the Caribbean with retired U.S. Federal Agents, retired Caribbean National Police Executives or licensed attorneys in various Caribbean countries.  

We are a full service investigative company operating in the Caribbean for the last 15 years.  We have the experience working actual cases in the Caribbean and we are familiar with how to conduct business in the country.

 ‚ÄčOur agents are totally familiar with all the local agencies in the various Caribbean nations including the law enforcement entities such as the various Caribbean National Police Departments as well as the Office of the National Prosecutors Office (Fiscales).  We also conduct investigations at the various registry offices including those handling property listings, tax records, vehicle registration entities, the Caribbean courts both civil and criminal as well as company incorporation listings and requirements.

Many of our cases involve missing persons, background checks on individuals and companies, personal investigations including physical surveillances as well as due diligence and business fraud related cases.

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